Gold Tone 5-String Banjo 

From a Great Company

Gold Tone make fantastic sounding banjos! I am very pleased with my Gold Tone Banjo that I play in my studio. This price point makes for a great choice for a new banjo player who wants a great first or second instrument. 

5-String Banjo Set

Everything you need to start playin

If value is what your'e looking for, check out a package deal like this one. It comes with a soft case gig bag, a tuner, and more!

Short Scale 5-String Banjo Set

Great for a younger banjo player 

This type of short scale banjo kit would be great for any student under the age of 10-12. Comes with everything you need to get started.  

D'Addario Banjo Strings

From a top string maker 

D'addario are known for making fantastic strings and other musical products.You won't go wrong with these on your banjo!

Martin Banjo Strings 

A favorite of mine!

I am a huge fan of Martin products, and these Martin strings are no exception. Great sounding strings for your Banjo! (Contact me for more information on string sizes)