Ukulele and Banjo Capo

Low Price

An inexpensive yet effective capo. Works perfectly for all Uke sizes and 5-string banjos. 

Kyser Ukulele/Banjo Capo

Professional Quality

I own and use several Kyser quick change capos for all of my instruments. They are my favorite capos I've used and they are great quality!

Kyser Guitar Capo

Professional Quality 

Works for both Acoustic and Electric Guitars. These capos are the best!

Shark Guitar Capo

A fun shaped capo!

An inexpensive and effective guitar capo. Works for both Acoustic and Electric Guitars. 



D'addario Medium Gauge picks 

Good price and value

For any instrument where you'd use a pick: A medium thickness pick is a good starting point. Not too thin and not too thick. 

Fender Medium Gauge Picks

a classic pick and a guitarist favorite

You can't go wrong with Fender guitar picks! Some of the most standard and well known picks on the market. I only use Fender picks!

Fender Medium Gauge Picks 

A guitar classic 

Fender Medium picks are a favorite of many musicians. I personally use only Fender picks!

ernie ball black strap.jpeg

Ernie Ball Guitar Strap

A great strap for all guitar and basses!

I love Ernie Ball products, and their straps are no exception. This plain black strap is very cost effective and very high quality! 


Flame Guitar Strap

A student favorite!

If you or your young rocker are in need of some flash on you guitar strap, look no further!


flame strap.jpeg

Snark Clip On Tuner

A favorite for All Instruments 

I have been using snark tuners for over a decade and they are my favorite clip on tuners to use. This tuner will work for all stringed instruments from Guitar, Uke, Banjo, Bass, Violin and more!

Joyo Tuner

Low Price

Joyo makes good inexpensive musical products. This tuner will get the job done for a good price! If price is no object, I would spend a bit more for a Snark tuner. 

Music Stand 

An everyday essential 

What I like about this model is it's ability to turn into a table top stand. Music stands are a must have for all musicians!

String Winder & Cutter

A life saver and a time saver

If you're changing your own instrument strings, this tool will help with the entire process. Pulling end pins, winding the tuners, and cutting the excess off is no issue with this tool. 

Mini Digital Metronome 

A practice tool essential 

I tend to use a metronome app on my phone mostly these days. But a standalone metronome is a great tool for every musician, no matter what skill level they are at!