Natalie Gray

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Natalie Gray is a Singer-Songwriter from Monrovia, CA

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"My Inspiration Was You"

2020  (EP)

Natalie Gray-Is That Alright

"Is That Alright"

2019  (Single)

Natalie Gray-La Chica

"La Chica"

2018  (Single)

"My Inspiration Was You" EP Out Now!


From The Artist//

Track 1: ‘Down’ is a moody and dramatic song about a person in your life who you tried to save, but can’t. Heavy bass and drum and eerie harmonies illuminate the burden and guilt one feels while watching the one they love ruin their life. This is a song of acceptance that at some point, you must leave the person you thought you’d spend your life with or run the risk  of ruining your own life forever too. 

Track 2:Is That Alright’ is a fun pop rock song about the struggles of an ending relationship. People handle the heartbreak that comes with a breakup in a variety of ways and for Natalie, it’s writing a song. This personal and muddy song is upbeat with a killer electric guitar solo and is the perfect song to rock out to. 

Track 3:‘La Chica’ is a light tune with a Latin flare. It is about the love the women in a family share for one another. Natalie dedicates this song to her mom with gratitude for raising her the way she did and loving her the way she does. 

Track 5: ‘Las Estrellas Cantan’ is a bilingual lullaby. This song has soft guitar picking, light violin, and dreamlike harmonies. Natalie makes use of humming in this song that provides the listener with opportunities to just listen, relax, and enjoy the melody. 

Track 6: ‘Swim Back Home’ is an electronic, bass driven song. This song was inspired by a relationship in which the feelings were not mutual and summarizes all the things that wanted to be heard, but were not. The song ends with a fade out guitar solo to indicate the end the EP. 

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