Vater 5a Drumsticks 

Drumsticks from a well established compnay

Vater's take on the 5a size drum stick. A great overall drum stick size!

Vic Firth 5-A Drum Sticks 

Great sticks for playing drumset

There are a lot of different great brands, styles, and sizes of sticks to choose from when playing the drums. Vic Firth is one of the most recognizable companies who make great products. I use these sticks in my studio for my electronic drum set!

Remo Practice Pad

A practice essential 

This practice pad would be the first tool I would purchase along with sticks to get a student learning. This pad allows for silent practice on drum skills and rudiments and can be taken anywhere. A must have for all types of drummers!

Pyle Electronic Drumset 

Play Drums on a Budget and in a small space!

I've always been a fan of these electronic kits. They make for great first drum sets for those where noise and size are an issue. Extremely compact and portable. These sets are a great value for a learning drummer!

Simmons SD350 Electronic Drumset 

A great drumset!

This is the model of electronic drum set I use in my studio. It feels much more like a full drum set than a compact pad would. It has great feeling adjustable drum heads, high quality parts, and can be played silently through headphones!


Rogue Drum Set (Full Package)

Everything you need to play acoustic drums on a budget!

Rogue is a company that gets great musical products into the hands of people with any budget! This is a 5-piece kit with hardware and cymbals. 


PDP Drum Set (Full Package)

A great beginner/intermediate drum set!

PDP is the budget line of the famous drum company DW. These drums are great for all skill levels and are very cost effective. This package comes with everything you see here.