Casio 44 Key Piano Keyboard

Great for young kids 

If your child is interested in playing piano, but you don't want to purchase a full sized instrument yet, take a look at this instrument. Casio makes great keyboards and offer several different tiers of product at various price points. This would allow your child to test out the instrument without  committing too much financially.

Casio 61 key Keyboard Package 

Great for a young one learning piano!

This package deal from Casio gives you everything you need to get your young child playing piano. 61 keys give you a good amount of playing room and are a step up from a 44 key keyboard. A full sized 88 key keyboard would be the next step up from this. 

Casio 88 Key Piano Keyboard Package

Great for Serious Learning for Kids and Adults

This is a great full size 88 key keyboard from Casio. It features weighted hammer action keys like an acoustic piano, and comes with a piano bench, stand, sustain pedal, power supply and piano book. I use a similar 88 key model at my studio when I teach! I trust Casio as a great brand of electronic keyboards for good quality, sound, and value. 

Alesis 88 Key Electronic Keyboard 

A great 88 key piano keyboard for Learning

I've known Alesis to offer a great quality product at an affordable price. This keyboard is one of the most cost effective name brand keyboards I can find on Amazon. Since this isn't a package bundle, you would need to order a keyboard stand, a sustain pedal, and a piano bench in order to get started. 

Yamaha 88 Key Piano Keyboard Package

A great keyboard for serious learners 

This package deal from Yamaha gives you everything you need to play piano. With 88 weighted keys, it will feel similar to playing an acoustic piano. Yamaha is a trusted brand for instruments, and they are known for making high quality acoustic and digital pianos. 

M-Audio Sustain Pedal

From a high quality company

This sustain pedal from M-Audio will work with any digital Piano or Keyboard. Built to mimic a sustain pedal on an acoustic piano, it will be a great fit on your instrument!

Yamaha Piano Bench

A cost effective and high quality bench 

This basic piano bench from Yamaha would go along great with any piano or keyboard. It is adjustable in height. 

Knox Gear Piano Bench

Good looking Piano Bench

This type of bench is a bit nicer stylistically than the Yamaha one above. It has storage on the inside of the seat for your piano books when you're not using them. I use a similar style bench in my studio for my students. 

Piano Key Stickers 

Good for young learners 

This product is good for young students learning how the piano notes and how to read music notation. These are removable and will fit most sizes of piano. 


My personal favorite 

This product is a great alternative to stickers! I use it in my lessons all the time. It lays on the keys in one easily installed/removed piece. It is perfect for helping students learn the piano notes, while still allowing for easy removal to test their progress. 


Alesis 61 Key Keyboard Package

A compact learning piano from a well known brand

This Alesis 61 key keyboard package has everything you need to get you or you child started playing the piano! The 61 keys provide enough space and available notes for any beginner or intermediate level player. This package also comes with a stand, bench, power supply, and